Fuel Efficient Tips for Travel During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Did you know that your style of driving and the way you maintain your vehicle can directly affect your vehicle's fuel consumption? Not only can you save hundreds of dollars at the pump, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint, which contributes to a green environment. With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, we want to help you save and remain safe with your family. Not sure where to begin? Don't fret, McDavid Honda Frisco has the keys to success and we are ready to put them in your hands! Use these quick tips for fuel-efficient driving. 



  • Service Your Vehicle on a Regular Basis. A tired and poorly tuned engine uses more fuel and emits more emissions
  • Use the Correct Oil. As a rule of thumb, it is always best to use the grade of oil that is recommended in your Lincoln car owner's manual. 
  • Check Tire Pressure Once a Month. It is best to do this in your driveway when the tires are cold (when your vehicle has not been driven for at least three hours)
  • Keep a Clean Air Filter. Clogged filters can reduce gas mileage and acceleration time.



  • Plan Trips or Combine Errands. If you plan your trip, you can avoid "stop and go" traffic as well as save time and fuel expenses. Additionally, upon arrival you can choose to walk to local destinations, such as the store. It is good for your heart and saves gas and the environment. 
  • Avoid Aggressive Driving. Fuel consumption increases by 40% when you push the gas abruptly or brake suddenly. Try to accelerate smoothly and brake slowly.
  • Tighten Your Gas Cap. Don't allow any of your gas to evaporate!
  • Choose the Correct Fuel. Check your Honda car owner's manual to see which fuel type is most efficient with your car model. A more expensive fuel type does not necessarily mean it will make your car perform any better than a lower and cheaper grade.
  • Drive Steadily and Avoid Idling. This can improve your gas mileage instead of wasting fuel when you cruise at a steady pace. 

There are so many things you can do to improve your fuel efficiency, but these are a great start! Remember the bitter winter weather can be harsh on your Honda sedan or Honda van. Small changes in your driving lifestyle can expand the lifespan of your car, save you money and contribute to a greener environment. If you have a need for service or repair, you could be costing yourself extra money so don't put it off. Take advantage of our service specials to be sure your ride is in tip top shape, especially before taking that holiday road trip  to ensure that you indeed have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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