Super Sweet Halloween Safety Tips For Drivers & Parents


Now that fall is officially here, the excitement of Halloween is among us. With all of the activities taking place from trick-or-treating and costume parties to haunted houses, we want to remind you that children are more likely to be hit by a vehicle during this time. Honda is well-known for its high safety ratings and technological advancements that ensure drivers and riders alike, feel safe. With that said, we have compiled a list of Halloween Safety Tips to keep the little ghouls on foot out of harm’s way. 

Wicked Safe Driving During Halloween

  • Be attentive to pedestrians on the sidewalks and those that are crossing the street. This means staying off of your cell phone and avoiding other activities that can be distracting such as eating.
  •         Always go the speed limit or even better, below the limit. This way you can slow down if someone runs into the street unexpectedly.

  • Never drive under the influence, even if you are attending an adult costume party. A designated driver or Uber is always the way to go. 

Parent Guide to Halloween Safety

  • Avoid using masks and opt for face paint instead. Children shouldn’t have an obstructed view, especially at night
  • Bright or light colored costumes fair better than dark or black ones, but if you child wants to be Batman, be sure to add some glow sticks, reflective tape or bag for visibility. Additionally, try to avoid costumes that can pose a safety risk like falling and tripping
  • Utilize cross walks to cross the street and stay on the sidewalk as much as possible
  • Accompany children 12 and under and walk in groups. Older children should be prepared to take safety precautions.

Your team and family and McDavid Honda Frisco wants to ensure that everyone does their part to stay safe this Halloween! We hope you have loads of fun and don’t forget to inspect the candy!

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